Let your fitness define you

Ready to make a change for a better mentally and physically fit YOU? Your tribe awaits you! When women empower one another, we become more motivated, successful, and healthier overall! The Studio embraces you on your fitness journey and keeps you going strong. Join us ladies from all walks of life and in different stages of our journey. Each workout is new and fresh to keep you demanding more out of that amazing body! Take your first class FREE and find out for yourself!

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New Class Schedule effective March 13th!
*Classes are one hour unless noted.

6pm BUTI Yoga with Lucretia

9:00-10:00am BeatSCULPT with Lucretia
10:15am-10:45 BeatCORE with Lucretia
6-6:45pm BeatSCULPT with Brianna
6:45-7pm BeatCORE with Brianna

6pm BeatBOX with Lucretia

9:00-10:00am BeatSCULPT with Lucretia
10:15-10:45am BeatCORE with Lucretia

8am BeatBOX with Lucretia or Brianna
*class is cancelled and will resume May 26th.
Beat Box
Knockout calories with the perfect combo- bass pumpin' music, shadow kick boxing, plyometrics and a lil' groovin'! Learn basic punches and kicks while adding your own bounce! BeatBOX brings out the sweat with each punch, kick, block and dip! Show your workout who is champ!

Beat Sculpt
Need to tighten and tone up?! BeatSCULPT brings music and weights together for that full body experience! Tone up arms, lean out legs and lift your buns with this class by using a variety of lifts and techniques! Challenge your body to find it's inner athlete!

Beat core
The beat of the music will have you fighting the burn in no time! Focus on your A.B.S (Abdominal Balance Strength) by firing up your entire core with functional movement! Incorporating balance and strengthening of your supporting muscles will have you standing taller and feeling stronger!

Vinyasa yoga, tribal dance, and plyometrics fused with hip hop and the greatest hits! You will sweat with intention and feel liberated with our tribe! Feel empowered by moving freely and embracing your beauty while connecting with amazing women! Join the tribe!