About The Studio

Lucretia Fancy Lake Owner of The Spot Studio Fitness

Lucretia Lake


"fitness made personal"

Who is Lucretia aka Fancy?
"I am a woman who loves to empower people including my husband and three children. As a former athlete I love to be active! I am a people person that cherishes relationships. Call me Mama "Uber", professional grocery shopper, chef, dry cleaner, psychologist, trainer/fitness instructor, hmm what else?! I love sports, track and basketball being my favorites. I add music to everything I do, it makes anything better! I truly love what I do, it is my passion!"

Why did you become a fitness professional?
"As a stay at home mother of one, at the time (now three), I wanted be active again and have some "me" time and find my tribe!. I quickly realized how empowering this journey is! The connections I have made are organic. I could be my self and feel empowered by others and do the same for them. Watching the ladies connect and support one another not only helps them in their fitness journey but develop connections that go beyond The Studio doors."

Favorite exercise and why?
"I actually love weighted hip thrusts/bridge glute squeezes, they set your booty on fyaaaahhhh! It targets the sweet spot to lift, round, and grow those buns! Friends don't let friends have flat butts!"

What would you tell someone that was nervous to take a class at The Studio for their first time?
"You are going got love the support of our tribe! Everyone is on a fitness journey that is their own! We always give options, your only competition is you. Do this for you! You will take one class and never look back! Come feel the energy for yourself!

Go to piece of fitness equipment?
"A fitness mat! You can do so many body weighted exercises, yoga, core work...the list goes on! Next would be an Olympic weight lifting bar! legs...legs...legs! The weighted exercises are endless for them legs!"

Bri Kirschner Fitness Instructor

Bri Kirschner

Who is Bri?
"I am a wife & a mother of that means I am everyone else's life-organizer, the ultimate key/wallet/remote finder, the hug and kiss giver, the killer of all things fun, and who loses her mind about 20 times per day. I'm an extraordinarily average woman who is passionate about my family, loves to dance to loud music while washing dishes, and finds my sanity by working out."

What made you become an instructor?
"It always comes down to the connections I make with people. The feeling of helping push someone past their physical and mental barriers is something you can’t match. It’s also a constant reflection of myself and why I began putting in the time and effort into my own well-being. I absolutely love the community and the energy when I’m in a safe space like The Studio...not only are you able to physically unload stresses of the day with people, but you’re mentally and spiritually supported by your tribe. Being able to be apart of this on a daily basis is why I love being an instructor."

Favorite exercise and why?
"I'd say a squat because it’s the closest movement to the dances I do on a normal basis... droppin' it low and pickin' it back up! It's mentally and physically challenging but delivers amazing results."

What would you tell someone who asked “where do I start my fitness journey”?
"I'd tell them to tie their hair up, put on some clothes and shoes you can sweat and jump around in and just SHOW UP and MOVE! It's really that simple. If your consistent, your body will start feeling more alive, your mindset will change, and small habits become a lifestyle."